Climb to Guercino’s
and Pordenone’s Domes

Climb to Guercino’s Dome

A fascinating time travel through Medieval passages, staircases and attics to see the city and the Cathedral from above and to reach the 27-metre-high base of the Dome and admire from a very close point of view Guercino’s biggest fresco.

Ascent: 134 steps

Descent: 155 steps

Climb to Pordenone’s Dome

The climb to Pordenone’s 16 th -century masterpiece passes through the mighty walls of the church of Santa Maria di Campagna: by reaching a loggia at the base of the Dome (around 20 meters in high), it is possible to admire the frescoes from a close point of view and enjoy a wonderful panorama of the city.

100 steps
(ascent and descent pass throught the same path)

A joint management of the climbs to the Dome of the Cathedral and the Dome of Santa Maria di Campagna.

mirabiliprospettive.it was born to promote and enhance the climbing experiences to the two Domes of Piacenza.

(Guercino’s Dome – Cathedral of Piacenza)
(Pordenone’s Dome – church of Santa Maria di Campagna, Piacenza)

Piacenza, city of Domes

Piacenza is the only city where it is possible to climb up to two domes in the city centre in order to admire wonderful frescoes from a close point of view and see amazing panoramas of the town.

Two exciting experiences in one single ticket.

Panorama view from the Cathedral
Panorama view from Santa Maria di Campagna

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